Referral Rewards Program

The Referral Rewards Program is designed to incentivize your current members to invite their friends and family to join, strengthening community ties while driving business growth. This feature allows you to foster community-based growth. When a member successfully refers someone, they receive a reward in the form of a credit, which automatically applies to their next membership payment and is configurable by you. This not only makes membership fees more cost-effective for existing members but also serves as a strategic tool to boost new member enrollment.

1.    Configuring Referral Rewards

Login to Club Advantage, navigate to the Administration page, and click on the Referral Rewards Program link under the “Financial” section.


The Referral Rewards Program setup will open as a new window. In the setup window you can Enable/Disable the Referral Program, as well as configure the credit amount awarded to referring members upon successful sign up of new referred members.

You will have the option of two Credit Types:

Continuous Credits will apply to all future recurring payments so long as the referred member is active. This means that, on a monthly paying membership, the credit will apply to each and every monthly payment, without being exhausted.

One Time Credits will apply to the next recurring payment, so long as the referred member has not cancelled prior, and will be exhausted upon use.


NOTE: Updating the Credit Amount does not change previously earned referral rewards. Updated Credit Amounts only apply to new referrals.

2.    Generating Referral Codes

In Club Advantage: You can generate a referral code by navigating to the member’s profile (Operations > Member Profile > Membership) and clicking on the ‘Membership’ tab. If the member does not have a code, there will be a ‘Generate Code for Referrals’ link at the bottom of the page, shown below.

Once you click the link you will get a confirmation message that the code was successfully generated. Upon returning to the Membership tab, you will now see the 16-digit referral code, the referral credit, and a link to email the member their referral code.

Just below the Refer Members section there will now be a Referral Credits Summary. This section gives a breakdown of credits earned, used, credits that are inactive/invalid, and the total credits available for that member.

·         Total Credits Earned – shows the lifetime total credits earned by referred new member sign ups.

·         Total Credits Used – shows the lifetime total credits applied to membership dues.

·         Total Credits Inactive – This field shows the total of inactive credits for the member. Credits can become inactive or unavailable if the referred member cancels or becomes inactive.

·         Total Credit Available – This shows the total amount of credits currently available for the member. Credits are applied automatically on the next payment, to either cover the whole amount or partial amount depending on the payment amount and the total credits available. Any unused credits will remain on the members account for future payments and will not expire.

In the Member Portal: Members can generate their own referral code by logging into the Member Portal. Upon login the 16-digit referral code will be generated automatically, and will be visible from the Member Profile screen (My Account > Profile)

3.    Signing Up Using Referral Codes

To use Referral Codes, you may enter them within the Add and Continue functions for Primary members. The field is found under the Account Details section, as shown below. Once the new referred member is successfully submitted, the referring member will receive their referral credit.

Members can enter referral codes themselves when signing up through the Member Portal, by clicking on the “Join Now!” link. The field to enter the referral code is shown here:

4.    Referral Tracking

Once a member begins successfully referring new members, their Referred Accounts can be seen on their Member Profile, on the Membership tab within the Referred Accounts section. This section will display the Account ID, Account Name, Status, and the Credit Remaining for each referral.

NOTE: A referral is ‘Active’ if the referred member remains active. If the referred member becomes inactive or cancels the referral credit becomes ‘Inactive’ and will not be applied to upcoming membership payments.

Within the Member Portal, members can see their Referrals by navigating to My Account > Profile. At the bottom of the Member Profile is a section called “Referred Members” which displays the member’s Referral Code, Rewards Balance, and a grid with Referred Members.

5.    Billing & Payments

Referral Credits are automatically applied to the next membership dues. Referral Credits are shown on the Invoice Details screen in Club Advantage and shown to members in the Member Portal.

In Club Advantage navigate to the member’s Member Profile and click on the Transactions tab. Selecting the Invoice Number for a transaction will open the Invoice Details window, where you will see “Referral Credits” and “Referral Credits Tax” where applicable.

Members in the Member Portal can click on ‘My Account’ then ‘Billing & Payments’. The invoice grid will contain a column for “Referral Credits Applied”. In the example below the member would see a $10 referral credit has been applied to $157.50 membership with a remaining balance of $147.50 still owed.

If you have any questions about the Referral Rewards Program, please feel free to contact us via our Client Line at 877-772-3348. You may also defer your members to our Member Line at 866-462-3348 for assistance with the Member Portal.

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